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I am a person that believes in therapy. I don’t feel any hesitation over confessing my taking advantage of therapy for many years. I know it is an expensive service, but I highly recommend it to anybody.  As a matter of fact, the people I highly recommend it to, would be ex-president Trump, and our President Biden. I could include other politicians, but I will stick to them for now.

Have you noticed lately how when they deliver speeches, they don’t take responsibility for their actions, and blame each other for anything that is wrong, was wrong, or will be wrong.

One of the things I’ve learned in therapy is to take responsibility for your own actions. It is hard to do, and painful, but when you have a good therapist, they work you through it. But in the case of politics, no one seems to bother.  I can imagine a meeting between Trump, Biden, and a therapist. The therapist would say, “Would you repeat, Mr. Trump, what President Biden just said?” and the answer would be completely off. The therapist would say, “No, that’s not what he said, try again.” And they could go on and on, session after session of therapy, going absolutely nowhere and achieving nothing. This is because politicians are so egocentric, that they believe their own words to their core.

In my case, therapy helped me take responsibility for my actions that affect my family directly. In the case of Trump and Biden, It affects 330 million Americans, and the rest of the World as well (8 billion and growing). And hey, one of those is YOU and ME!

Going back to my political therapy fantasy, I could imagine Biden in tears, trying to win our love, reach our soft spots as people. I can also imagine Trump working our patriotism, trying to appeal to our sense of pride in our country.  Either way, none of it is healthy.

The therapist asks, “Mr. Trump, could you tell us something about your childhood?” he would answer, “Oh, my childhood was wonderful! Amazing…. Fantastic! If by chance, something went wrong, it was not my parent’s fault, it was Obama’s fault, or…. Or Hillary’s!” The therapist says, “But he was a child at the same time as you.” And he replies, “It doesn’t matter, it’s still his fault.”

She moves on to ask President Biden, “Could you share something about your childhood……?” but he’s already disappeared through the bathroom door, trembling, thinking he was leaving the building.

What are the characteristics of someone who wants to run for President? Sociopathic, charismatic, desire to make change, good or bad. What stands out to me is that you have to be very egocentric, don’t you think so?
Have I told you about the time I met Bill Clinton? (He checked me out, my brother Alfonso told me. LOL.)
I should not be so flattered by this, since he seems to have done that with eveeeeerybody.

I must say, he was very charismatic. What makes his energy so powerful is the fact that he makes direct eye contact. He also worked the same way as other politicians, pointing fingers at other members of office at every turn. I wish I could avoid the news; however, isolating myself from the world is a bad idea. Instead, I take small doses of politics, and that goes for my home country and the rest of the world as well.

Your future and mine, as a matter of fact, the World’s future hangs in the balance of the next election.Mucho, mucho LOVE Guadalupe

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