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By July 17, 2023July 18th, 2023No Comments

While enjoying the fireworks this 4th of July, we saw a light very high in the sky behaving in a peculiar way. We asked ourselves, “What the heck is that?”  For moments it was frozen in the sky, not moving– blinking, so we thought, “Is that a cell tower?” No… far too high up. It couldn’t have been fireworks because by that point it began speeding up and down from its position in the sky. Perhaps it was a drone? If it was, it just seems to have been far too high up. Perhaps it is a UFO?

It is accepted knowledge that the world has existed for 4.6 billion years, and the scientific community estimates there are over one-hundred billion galaxies and they all have exo-planets. There are thousands of solar systems like our planet. Our Milky-Way Galaxy alone has one-hundred billion stars— imagine each with trillions of exo-planets!

Is it possible there are other creatures already living among us? It is likely.

I have been thinking about the potential of aliens existing, and the theory that they might be visiting us more and more. They have not introduced themselves to us fully because they don’t hold much interest for us!

Maybe they observe us the way we observe animals or insects – with marvel and curiosity. We can look at photos from the James Webb Space Telescope and see light years into the past, yet still much of the ocean floor is a mystery to us.

In my active imagination, the times that they have visited, they go back to their headquarters and report: “These organisms calling themselves ‘Human Beings’ are not very intelligent. They can’t figure out how to lead each other in the groups they form, and it applies to the whole planet. They can be cruel among themselves; they call themselves humans but they do inhuman things. They elect leaders full of malice with no interest in the good of their people. These Human Beings treasure things like uranium, gold, silver, or some of them desire lots of what they call “shoes.” None of this holds value for us. They are so foolish, instead of working together like us; they bring each other down to get ahead themselves.”

“Get this, they also have contests for who can consume the most “hot dogs” the fastest!  All while children are starving elsewhere. Now they color their hair green, like us, which looks pretty “Alien” if you ask me. However, they have some redeeming qualities. When they are in love, they do silly, ridiculous, things to express it. They change the octave of their voice with their loved one, their expressions change—they fawn over each other. For love, a human is willing to go to the extremes of sacrifice. And if they have dogs or cats, forget it, their behavior is even more foolish.”

I imagine that they would say, “there’s no point in going down there because they’re already far too busy with themselves! They are spinning around, orbiting each other.”

As you can see, my imagination is pretty vivid. How far am I from reality? Your guess is as good as mine.

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