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“If you really want me and you think I’m sexy, come on honey let me know.”  Do any of you remember that song by Rod Stewart?  One of my favorites!  What is it that we think is sexy?  Is “sexy” on a woman when she wears high heels and a tiny mini-skirt and revealing cleavage?  Sure, that can be sexy but in my opinion, sexy is so much more than just that.  “sexy” could be found in the way you move, the way you smile, the way you talk, the way you think… you don’t have to reveal half of your body to be sexy.

But as women when we get older, we have to think about the different variations on sexy.  Because one thing is to dress sexy and the other thing is to dress too young- then it is no longer sexy!  When you are younger you can wear anything- even if it’s excruciatingly uncomfortable, clothes and shoes, and still feel very sexy! I hate to admit it but there is an age when we can get away with it and look good.

What about men? What makes a man sexy?  Is it his clothes?  His cleavage?  His shoes?  I’m having a hard time thinking how men have to get uncomfortable to look sexy…  in Santa Fe men aren’t too concerned with looking sexy.  I think men can be sexy with how they talk or how they treat you for sure…. Physically, if they take care of themselves, it helps.  But are there age inappropriate things men wear?

This brings me to my do’s and don’ts of what to wear and what is age appropriate even if you have the body to do so (it’s up to you to decide what age that is).

For my girlfriends:


  1. Don’t show the cleavage of your butt but if you do, put a little bow on it.
  2. Don’t show your love handles but if you do, don’t call them love handles. Tell people they are your portable lifesavers.
  3. Don’t show love handles in a tight dress but if you do, wear them with pride and pretend you don’t look like mexican style chorizo.
  4. Don’t reveal the cleavage too much but if you do, perhaps you can tie your breasts around your neck with some rubber bands.
  5. Don’t wear elaborate hair-do’s but if you do, check the back of your head in the mirror before you leave the house to make sure there are no bird nests stuck to your head.


  1. Do wear beautiful shoes… helloooooo!
  2. Do wear beautiful clothes that you can get at GOLER !
  3. Do wear spanx under your dresses.
  4. Do spend money on your smile.
  5. Do pedicures, manicures, facials, wax, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, massages, brazilian wax, exfoliations, boob jobs, face jobs, butt jobs… if that’s what makes you feel good!

My little list for men


  1. Don’t wear the same belt for 20 years but if you do, tell people that it is vintage.
  2. Don’t wear the same shoes for another 20 years but if you do, keep it as a top secret. Don’t make it public.
  3. Don’t wear the same clothes for three days, particularly the underwear, but if you do, say that you believe in using very little energy for the sake of our environment.
  4. Don’t wear dirty socks but if you do, tell people you are doing a science project.
  5. Don’t have dirty fingernails but if you do, tell people that you are doing an advanced course in archeology.


  1. Keep your facial hair tamed and in style.
  2. Being a gentleman is always a great feature.
  3. Wear nice shoes from GOLER !
  4. Make eye contact. When you do that, it is charming.
  5. Keep your clothes clean and updated.

These are some of my do’s and don’ts.  What are yours?

Please let me know your thoughts at: GUADALUPEJ4K@GMAIL.COM


ps.  A girl needs to keep herself amused during these questionable political times 😉