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In my own little world, I have run for and won the presidency of the United States. Here is a list of the changes I’m implementing (in my own little world):

  1. Mandatory yoga/meditation in all elementary schools starting in kindergarten.
  2. Cooking classes in elementary schools.
  3. A special voting process for children to have a voice in important matters in the country.
  4. Men will have to wear high heels for at least one day a month.
  5. When women have PMS, they can use paid-time off from work.
  6. Women’s hot flashes will be tax deductible.
  7. There will be seminars available for men to improve their chivalrous skills.
  8. And seminars available for women on independence and enhancing feminine side.
  9. Divorces will be short and sweet, or otherwise have jail time.
  10. Maternity and paternity leave will 6 months of paid leave.
  11. There will be no more walls at our borders.  They will be replaced with groups of singers such as Peter, Paul & Mary and Joan Baez.
  12. Big corporations will sponsor the big dreams of our students.
  13. Fast food restaurants will be turned into either organic, vegan, or gluten-free restaurants.
  14. No more paper napkins in restaurants (everyone can bring their own cloth napkin).
  15. There will be free dating sites (with exceptional candidates!)
  16. French kissing will be mandatory for all married couples.
  17. Education on all levels (college, community college, seminars, classes, etc) will be free!
  18. Women with car mechanic experience will gain bonus money for gasoline.
  19. Difficult teenagers will be sent to the land of grandmothers, where they will learn to knit, embroider, cook, and bake.
  20. As the president, I will volunteer in community service one day a month.
  21. As the president, I will be allowed to have slumber parties for my friends at the white house.
  22. For the future Presidential Candidates, any badmouthing or name-calling during a debate will result in a mandatory pause while the offender gets their mouth washed-out with soap.
  23. And the candidate with the best proposals will be rewarded extra in the form of time to express those good ideas.

My list could go on and on, but I would like for you to help me have a good term as president (in my own little world) with your suggestions!

Please write me at my personal email: