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By January 24, 2024No Comments

You might call me a witch, and yes I am, but I believe you are too…my female friends.  I am talking about a witch in the good sense of the word. I can vision myself flying on a gold witch’s broom with a flowing gauze red dress and of course beautiful 6 inch red stilettos (doesn’t matter how high they are – I’m flying, not walking).  My fellow witch friends, our sixth sense is so sharp that sometimes I am scared of how exact it is.  Like a witch, we can be in different places at the same time, since we are such great multi-taskers; we can be in multiple conversations, and balance many thoughts in our minds. Like a witch, we can heal someone by giving our love so intensely. One of our witch powers, is to sense the potential in others, more so when it’s our loved ones. Like a witch, we can sleep with one eye open.  As witches, we can set our boundaries, flying around our territory and casting protective spells.  Like a witch, we may look not so good, but then we use our magic powers and poof, we look amazing!  With our incredible magic, we know how to make money stretch.  Like a witch, we can make our real feelings disappear for the goodwill of our kids.  We can concoct delicious foods from very little (well not me).   Like a witch, we can see through walls if that’s our wish.  We can hear the quietest whisper if it concerns us.  Like a witch, our eyes can turn from beautiful to deadly knives.  And to warn our men, we are good mind readers (even if they speak different languages).  Like a witch, we can be in a deep sleep and still know what is going on.  Like a witch, we can make ourselves disappear when we want, leaving behind the sense of our smell and the power of our presence.  Almost like, now you see me, now you don’t. We can fly very high when it comes to giving love.  And our broom gets out of control when it comes to receiving love. At the end of the day, we place our brooms aside, but not before knowing that our world is in peace, at least for that night. Poof! Guadalupe

P.S. If you think you are a witch too, please share your thoughts with me