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Original Date: Jan 24, 2017 / Revised Date: Mar 15, 2022

Many years ago I had a problem with my head. Well, actually, I am saying there was a problem with my head when it was actually a medical issue regarding my brain.  I was very fortunate that after dealing with debilitating headaches, I was able to resolve the problem. While my illness had to do with spinal fluid only going to my brain, it made me become fascinated with how the brain works.

As much as the study of the brain has advanced, the brain is still a great mystery. I envision the brain as a puzzle with each part of it holding all of the intangible: thoughts, emotions, memories, judgments, jealousies, desires…our soul. Lately I have especially been thinking about in which part of our brain does greed lie?

Greed.  You cannot touch it; you cannot see it; and you cannot physically remove it. Yet, it IS there. While Greed is supposed to be one of the Deadly Sins, it seems that the people in power master this eagerly and readily and somehow it is okay. How is it okay that Greed can bring you success? Greed can hurt people and yet it is allowable. What part of the brain allows for Greed to develop and grow?

We all ultimately are a little greedy.  It is what also allows us to have ambition and do better for ourselves, no?  But being able to manage it would be great. Just a pinch of greed is enough!

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to be able to remove Greed if not from ourselves, from other people we deem too greedy!?!  Maybe we could have a sort of measuring device that would tell us when we or others are becoming too greedy?  It would be cool to take some time off work to remove it.  “I’m going to get some greed removed from my brain this weekend.”

For now, I cannot control the Greed of others.  I cannot remove it but I sure as hell can make sure that the part of MY brain that holds that intangible Greed element does not get bigger. I will keep it measured!

Where does your Greed measure? Remember though, you can never be too greedy with having too many shoes!