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Do you have a sister? Or maybe a few of them?  I do.  I have four sisters!  We are all very similar but at the same time we are so different from one another.  I should say I also have two brothers but if you have both, like me, you will understand that it is an entirely different experience!

Although we are super close to one another, we definitely do not always see eye to eye. This causes a lot of friction between us. As adults, most of the time when we are disagreeing, we just keep this disappointment to ourselves.  This creates a lot of resentment which is not good at all! When we were kids we were able to air our disagreements straight out!  We would do this by pulling each other’s hair, pinching, sticking out our tongue, and all the other fun things siblings do! We might get away with physical fights but our parents never allowed us to cuss at each other! But I know we did it mentally!!

I was fortunate to be born in the middle of my seven siblings. My older sister had to take so much responsibility for the younger ones.  She would have to watch over us, help us with homework, keep us clean. I can tell you that she was not happy about that at all! She would complain about it all the time. My youngest sister was and still is the cutest one of all of us.  She was always in a good mood and always ready to participate in anything. There is a very big age difference between us. She came along as the oops that was so welcome! Interestingly enough, she was and still is the most emotionally mature one despite the fact that she is the youngest.

There was nothing else to do for us as children than to play and fight with one another.  We were home a lot and there was not any entertainment and my mother could not stand for us to play outside and get dirty.  (She was extremely OCD.  You will find more about that in other J4Ks!).  All we had was our imagination to play with.  No, there were no iPhones!  But we did the best to keep ourselves amused!

A sister is someone that you cannot fool.  They know exactly who you are. They have seen in you the good, the bad, and the ugly . . . and how you experienced all that at different ages!! My sisters and I have seen each other cry, laugh, and lie! We have seen one another doubled over in pain with PMS cramps and we have seen each other doubled over in the pain of giving birth to our kids.  Recently we have seen each other doubled over in pain over the loss of our mother.  We have seen the best and worst of one another.

Since we all carry the DNA of our parents, there is a bond between us like no other.  Each of us has her own set of very good friends but our blood bond is strong.

We are in constant communication with each other. A funny thing happens, too.  You create different pairing bonds at different times.  Sometimes I am in the “bestest” friendship with one but not the other three.  Then it will get flipped and somehow I am out with one but in with another one!  We can mentally say to ourselves, “that B****”.  Then a few days later we are two peas in a pod.

If something happens to one of us, we flock to one another like busy butterflies. We comfort one another, we cheer each other on, we celebrate each other! I do remember how we all competed for our parents’ love.  We would judge each other on how we would treat our parents.  “She was such a b****. How dare she make our parents cry?” We each thought ourselves as angels. “I would never behave that way with my mother!” (Yeah, right!)  I am sure several of them are reading this and thinking, “That b****!” One of my favorite things is to remember something amusing that happened in our family and we can laugh till tears come out of our eyes! I am so grateful for my sisters!

But I know in my heart that my parents loved ME the most!