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By January 28, 2022June 23rd, 2023No Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting just a few feet away from somebody who was giving a piano concert. Being in such close proximity, I was left fascinated by her amazing skills! Her hands traveled all over the keyboard while her feet stepped on the pedals, all in coordination. I was so mesmerized by her action of playing that I don’t even remember what the music was! It is fantastic that our brain can coordinate all that!

So many fascinating things us humans create and get involved with. It’s like we have a desperate need to put all of our abilities together to do wild things. How far can we push our abilities? I just recently have been introduced with Virtual Reality shopping! This is insane. You put on the VR goggles (or whatever they’re called) and you can go shopping- you literally walk your avatar into a shop and have the whole virtual experience. You can even buy a car or a motorcycle and do a test drive! I think you can have a virtual partner and have a full blown relationship! What if you get attached?!

The other day I was looking at one of the tallest buildings in Abu Dhabi, 173 floors of a tall, skinny, and ultra luxurious structure!! Phenomenal! Similarly, without so much technology, humans have built amazing buildings and monuments throughout time- great feats- you know what I’m talking about! But all of this for what???

If I have to give humanity a grade, the score wouldn’t be high at all, despite all of these wonders. We can create remarkable things, yet we have destroyed so much in the process. I feel powerless to all of our technology- gifts and curses. They make my life “better” but we are destroying the planet.

Today I feel sad. Compassion, sympathy, and even empathy toward one another should be our goal. But is it? Or is it pushing our limits in what we can create, build, do? It feels like the human experience is less about inter-relations and more about how far can we go with our technology. Right now, we can’t even seem to handle Covid. If we can do such amazing things, how can we not apply that to our emotional well being?

In the last year, it feels like we have a global crisis when it comes to being happy. I constantly hear how everyone, from kids to grownups, are all struggling to stay positive. Many of us are questioning what we are we doing on this planet and do we even want to stay on this planet? Me included. But where are we going, where will our souls go? Your guess is as good as mine. Where does your faith take you?

When it comes to me, I’m going to Heaven wearing a beautiful pair of shoes- very high heels by the way since I won’t actually feel it! I’m going to be so happy to leave the concerns of this world and be reunited with my mother and my father. I want to ask them, “did I tell you how much I love you? And if I didn’t, I hope you knew I did!”

Every day I get up from my bed like a slug, verrrry slowly, but as soon as I get my first cup of coffee, viola! I’m back in my world. Don’t misunderstand what I write, I DO love my life, my family and all of you my good supporters in the store. All of YOU help me get up, wear something beautiful and come to Goler Shoes.