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When traveling, I am always surprised when it is time to go home.  So much time preparing for the vacation and then, before you know it, poof! You are already coming home! My vacation in Merida came to an end on a gray day.  It was overcast and therefore, no need to stay.  I was sad to leave but grateful that my experience with the terrifying shark in the water had truly been with a Manta Ray.  I was happy I did not die a tragic death.  When death finds me, I hope I am elegantly laying on my bed and wearing the most gorgeous heels I have. (So many.  Which to choose from?)  I do not want to be ripped apart by a shark if I can help it.

It was a long and drawn-out drive from Merida to Cancun since the highways had been compromised by the construction of the Mayan Train. Have you heard about this construction? It is a very controversial project. The Mexican government is building a train that runs along the Yucatan coast.  Of course, there are two sides of the conflict.  On one hand the train will alleviate so much tourist traffic and wasted time spent driving on the roads resulting in less car pollution.  But on the other hand, the train construction is affecting the tree growth and general ecology.  I do not know which is worse.  But what I can say is that it is hard not to feel guilty that facilitating my vacation can affect so many people.  How to negotiate that?

Once we arrived at the International Airport in Cancun, we were shocked at how packed it was!  Tourists from all over, but mostly the States, were clamoring at the help desks with their luggage and their souvenirs and their last beer in hand.   I felt very calm and cool in comparison to the sunburned bodies bubbling to get home.  I entertained myself by people watching.

Why is comfort so important to us?  Some of these tourists were wearing their most “comfortable” outfits. Super casual but messy casual.  Why sloppy I ask. Why?!  Why do we like to travel in our borderline funky, old clothes and to top it off, wearing flip-flops? If you want to know a particularity about me, I dislike flip-flops especially on men. Sorry guys. Also, when coming back from Mexico, why is it a thing to stack hats on your head while wearing flip-lops and shorts? Is it like everyone forgot it is still cold back home!

There was a woman with very skimpy shorts on.  I do love that once people get a nice tan, they feel like they can expose more of themselves.  It makes sense that in warm weather countries, people dress skimpy.  Wait, except in the Middle East.   Body parts should be kept like that: private.  I did not know if she realized how much she was showing.  Maybe she did but I was not about to tell her anyway.

When we were finally sitting in our seats, the pilot made an announcement pleading with the passengers to BEHAVE.  I was not sure if I understood. English is my second language, but yes, he was requesting we BEHAVE.  Otherwise, we would be escorted off the airplane by the police. Image that! I could not believe that people get out of line with the airline attendants or with the other passengers.  I am grateful that has never happened to me!  It seemed to make sense that the pilot was talking to us as though we were seven years old. I guess that is how they must treat us nowadays. Here I was worrying about the way we look, but the pilots were worried about the way we behaved!

After a long day of travel, I finally arrived home.  I was tired and happy. As I began to unpack my luggage, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The reflection of me was horrifying!  Here I was criticizing every tourist in Cancun while I looked like S*^%!!!!  My face was tired.  My makeup was smudged all over my face. My clothes were crooked and wrinkled. So much for Miss Fashionista.