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By November 27, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments

I really like the word “mufa”. This word is used a lot in Argentina and originates from the Italian word “muffa,” which means moldy or dirty. The Argentinians (and Chileans, Uruguayans, and Paraguayans) use this word to mean “bad mood”. But when used it means more than just “bad mood”. It also means grumpy, not fun to be around, annoyed by everything, feeling like everything just sucks. When you are “mufa”, NOBODY wants to talk to you. In fact, YOU don’t even want to hang out with yourself!

Have you noticed lately how many people are “mufa”? The entire planet is MUFA! We have a good reason to be – HELLLLOOOOOO ?!?!!! The world is going through a really bad time. Violence is rampant and the heat is literally turning on thanks to all of our “modern” comforts.  I feel terrible for our youth.  What kind of a world are we leaving them?

I was experiencing a “mufa” day myself the other day and I decided to get away and throw myself down the rabbit hole of the internet.  Sometimes this can be informative, sometimes frightening, but other times it can be quite amusing!  Here I was going from one path to the next (one link to another) and somehow, I landed on an article about the origin of condoms.  Yep, condoms.

To my surprise the perfect condom has been a goal to achieve since 3000 B.C!  According to history, King Minos of Crete used a version of a condom to protect him and his partners from sexually transmitted diseases. These condoms were made of goat bladders! I dare you to stick one of those ancient types of condoms in your…nostrils or ears… or any other daring part of your body and tell me what that feels like to have a goat bladder in you!

The Egyptians were clever. They had different colors of condoms for the different social classes. I have no idea what they looked like, but I do know they used Acacia leaves and some gummy substances made of honey and baking soda.

It made me reflect on how birth control and sexual transmitted diseases have always been a point of concern. And of course, it has usually been a woman’s issue although men and women share the responsibility – as well as STDS. Women, however, are blessed by being able to get pregnant carrying inside of us a human body which is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. But BOY do we pay the price for participating in the miracle of life – and it is not a cheap price. Every month we have pain, discomfort… and so much MUFA!